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Monday, May 05, 2008

Oh yeah- a couple more things

Remember a month ago when I skied into the sharp edge of the halp pipe in the fog at Powder Mountain? I have to tell you, I really did some damage to my legs! While I didn't do any permanent damage, I am still bruised and sore and achy at both my knees and my left calf. Just about everything I do that involves bending or lifting really hurts- still! I can't wait for all the pains to subside so I can feel better.

I also had a fault with Sleek Black Beauty coming home from Salt Lake City yesterday. Before I got home the right turnsignal had quit working. Tonight I had time to tear it apart to discover that the connector plug for the wire harness had broken its retainer clip and it pulled apart. Electricians tape substituted for the broken clip and it went back together.

Additionally, I had to remove the left side mirror and drill and tap a hole through the mirror stem and the adapter that threads into it. Then I installed a set screw into the two parts, locking them together. That mirror won't be turning around again any time soon!

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